Sunday, June 20, 2010

Secret Garden

Maggie Scott (Mary), Tyler Gwilliam (Archibald) and Stockton Elwood (Colin)

South Jordan Community Theatre opened it's 10th production this week. The Secret Garden is a tale of your Mary Lennox and how a Secret Garden changes her and everyone around her. This show is being performed at the South Jordan Community Center.

The show is something the production team is very proud of. We have taken a very basic auditorium and turned it into a theatre space. Through 100's of man hours we added lighting positions, batons, track for sliding walls, and a couple of drops rented from the Utah Opera Company. The transformation is fairly stunning for those who are familiar with the barren black box space. The Community Center has a nice base to build from and we appreciate the City of South Jordan for renting this space to us.

Kevin Quaderer (Dickon) and Maggie Scott (Mary)

While my prejudice here is to brag about the technical accomplishments we have made in the space we cannot say enough about Toni Butler's vision for the show and her ability to execute that vision as a director. This show is top quality from bottom to top with a fine cast. South Jordan Community Theatre's Secret Garden has a very talented directing ensemble is a supporting role to Toni. Rachel Duff is the Music Director and Michelle Willis (Conductor) has assembled a small orchestra with a great sound.

It is my belief this is probably the finest production we have offered.

There are 7 performances left. Secret Garden features Maggie Scott as Mary Lennox, Tyler Gwilliam as Archibald Craven, Amy Gwilliam as Lilly, Steve Duke as Dr. Craven, Kevin Quaderer as Dicken, Jamie Lee as Martha, Andrew Hackman as Ben, and Stockton Elwood as Colin Craven.

Jamie Lee (Martha) and Andrew Hackman (Ben)

Tickets are available at Tickets are $9.00 for evening performances and $6.00 for the matinees. This show is an entertainment bargain well worth the price of admission.